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Dumping Waste at the Dump Site

“Southport budget tyres gold coast CYCLE & Brakes” are located at the original Gold Coast location for the past 25 years! looking after the amazing Gold Coast in the same location for the past 25 years! with pride and determination we are committed to providing our clients the best service and products available. “Southport Brakes” offers a wide range of products which can be customised or purchased as stock!

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We are proud to have been a reliable Tyre fitting company on the Gold Coast for over five years, with a large range of budget tyres available from the best companies in Australia. Our main concern has always been customer satisfaction and this has remained our main priority even when the economy was in trouble. Most of our fittings are performed by highly trained individuals who perform their work with professionalism and without pressure, making sure that our customers have a long lasting relationship with “Southport Brakes”.

“Southport Brakes” strives to adhere to all of the Health and Safety in Employment legislation requirements including mandatory motorcycle servicing and road vehicle maintenance. In order to comply with the various requirements we require complete proof of insurance, a valid Business License and a valid driver’s licence to perform this work in accordance with the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act 1995. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in heavy penalties and charges, including the potential dumping of goods in Australia. To avoid unnecessary dumping of waste, we have implemented a number of strategies, including regularly attending scheduled servicing events, ensuring that all our tyres are mounted and checked on a regular basis and that all of our traffic is monitored by dedicated enforcement staff.

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