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High Lift Garage Door Conversions

When considering garage door conversions, it’s important to understand how high lift doors work. While this type of door doesn’t necessarily add height to your garage, it can provide more usable space. The process involves replacing existing garage door components with new ones. Tracks will need to be extended, torsion springs replaced with heavier-duty models, and cables wound differently around the drum. Here are some things to consider when considering a high lift conversion:

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With High Lift Garage Door Conversions

First, measure the width of the existing garage door opening. Measure the shorter side of the door. Subtract the overhead space, if any, to get the correct width. Next, measure the distance from the floor to the top of the horizontal track. Then, measure the length from the bottom of the curved section to the top of the RSJ lintel. Once you have these measurements, you can determine the exact length of your new garage door.

You can also choose a high-lift garage door conversion kit. These kits contain all the parts you need to make the conversion, and they’re cheaper than buying individual parts. However, you must make sure that everything fits correctly before beginning the project. You’ll also need extra power for the conversion hardware. In addition to the track, you’ll need a new torsion spring, extra vertical track, and new cables. Support brackets will need bearing plates.

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