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Temporary Workers Agency in France

A TW agency, an employment agency that contracts workers for a short-term project, is legal in France. As a TW agency, you can hire and manage temporary employees. The main difference between temporary workers and permanent employees is the fact that agency workers are not permanently employed by the company. However, in France, a TW agency is still a viable option for some businesses. There are many benefits to using an agency. Find Out –

Benefits of Working With a Temporary Workers Agency in France

As a legal employer, the temporary workers agency is responsible for all aspects of the work. A contract must be drawn up and contain mandatory information about the job, professional skills and remuneration. The duration of a TAW assignment is the same as that of an employee. In France, the social security system provides benefits to those who work through an agency. This scheme supplements the general social security scheme for employees.

A TAW agency in France must be registered with the Ministry of Labour and Employment. It must be backed by a financial guarantee. The agency should not engage in job placement as its primary activity. A bill currently being debated would allow TW agencies to become umbrella companies that also provide temporary workers. This is not a practical solution but it is an option for some. This will ensure that the workers that TAWs provide are legally certified.

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